1917 Wanderer 620cc V-Twin for sale at Coys for GBP 30,000

1917 Wanderer 620cc V-Twin

1917 Wanderer 620cc V-Twin

Seller's description

Wanderer motorcycles were manufactured in Chemnitz, Germany from 1902 to 1929. The Wanderer Company also built high-quality bicycles and cars, as well as typewriters and mechanical calculators. Wanderer machines were of advanced design, boasting unit construction engines and front and rear suspension as early as 1915. 

The company used both single cylinder and unit construction v-twin engines of their own manufacture and Wanderer supplied almost half of all motorcycles used by the German forces during WW1. By 1918 the firm had produced over 10,000 motorcycles, and by the early 1920s employed more than 6,000 workers. The machines earned an excellent reputation for being sturdily built with a first class finish. In 1929 The Wanderer design was licensed to Czech arms manufacturer Janecek, resulting in the Jawa marque (Janecek and Wanderer).
This unit-construction 616cc side-valve v-twin was discovered quite recently, in pieces, in a cellar. It was completely restored in 2015, and with its bright blue cycle parts and brass tank with red detailing it would certainly cut a dash at any vintage gathering or concours event.

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